• The Fox C-6 School District is committed to taking proactive, comprehensive measures to provide a safe and comfortable learning environment for our students and staff. We have made preparations to deal effectively with emergency situations that could occur in or around the school while classes are in session. Our top priority is to protect all students and staff from harm. While we hope an emergency situation does not occur, our goal is to be as prepared as possible for any potential emergency so that we can respond quickly and efficiently to any threat.

    Each of the district’s school buildings and facilities have crisis and safety plans. The plans are designed with the assistance of administrative staff members, as well as local law enforcement, emergency management, and public health officials. These plans help provide training and guidance for employees on how to deal with any emergency situation. Additionally, our students and staff are trained and retrained each year in emergency drills for a variety of emergency situations.

    Fox C-6 consults with local, state, and federal health, safety and emergency personnel to develop and maintain plans for coping with a variety of emergency response situations. Further, we work with counseling staff and community partners to provide resources to students, families, and staff about emotional health and wellness.

    All Fox C-6 principals and school resource officers meet with local emergency management personnel to discuss crisis response, management and communication. If you have any questions about your child or about your school's safety and support responses, please contact your school principal or the Director of Safety, Security, and Students Services.

Safety and Security Contact Information

  • Jeremy Donald

    Director of Safety, Security, and Student Services

    (636)296-8000 ext. 7165