• Pandemic Response Plan

    This Pandemic Response Plan provides an overview of the tools that our school district has available to keep students and staff safe and healthy, in the event of a pandemic airborne virus.
    The Board of Education has approved this plan, and implementation of any portion is the responsibility of the superintendent or their designee. Fox C-6 has a legal obligation to prevent the spread of contagious disease in schools, which is supported by Missouri State Statutes 167.191 and 171.011, Board of Education policies EBB: Communicable Diseases, and GBE: Staff Health and Safety. The tools outlined in this document allow us to remain flexible as we work to accomplish our most important goal: to keep students and staff healthy and safe in response to a pandemic airborne virus, while focusing on high-quality, in-person learning. One or more of the tools listed below may be employed at any time to mitigate spread.

    Learning Environment Options

    Fox C-6 has developed a flexible plan that allows us to adjust both the learning environment and mitigation strategies to keep students and staff healthy and safe.

    Virtual Learning Environment

    Virtual instruction will be provided to students who select a full-time virtual learning option. 

    More information on virtual learning

    In-Person Learning Environment

    • Fox C-6’s plan also supports an in-person learning environment for students.

    • Cohorts and social distancing may be utilized when necessary.

    • A full-time virtual instruction option will continue to be available to families who opt to have students learn at home.

    Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

    Fox C-6 will continue to provide accommodations as necessary or as mandated by a student’s IEP. 

    Mitigation and Prevention Strategies

    Fox C-6 mitigation and prevention strategies include:

    Face Coverings

    Face coverings will be optional for Fox C-6 students, staff members, and visitors. 

    Face coverings may be utilized if needed to prevent the spread of a pandemic airborne virus in our district facilities. 

    Fox C-6 may utilize face coverings if required to prevent the spread of a pandemic airborne virus. This authority is granted in Missouri State Statutes 167.191 and 171.011, and Board of Education policies EBB: Communicable Diseases and GBE: Staff Health and Safety.

    Handwashing and Respiratory Etiquette

    Teachers and staff will encourage hand washing or the use of hand sanitizer upon entering a building, before eating, after eating, after restroom usage, before any group activities, and before boarding school buses. Hand sanitizer will be available in every classroom, and in common areas throughout each building.

    Health Screening

    All staff and students are asked to administer a self-assessment before coming to school or work. Individuals are asked to consult with their healthcare provider if any symptoms are present that are outside of that individual’s norm.

    Exclusion From School

    Fox C-6 has the authority to exclude individuals from school, according to Policy EBB: Communicable Diseases, and Missouri Revised Statute 167.191.

    Diagnostic and Screening Testing

    Fox C-6 refers students and staff to their local health department or medical provider for diagnostic testing.

    Cleaning and Maintaining Healthy Facilities

    Custodial staff follow a daily cleaning protocol in all classrooms and school buildings, including frequent disinfection of high-touch surfaces, including handrails, doorknobs, sinks, and water fountains.

    Classrooms have a supply of district-approved cleaning wipes to sanitize classrooms. 

    COVID-19 Case Report Response Process

    If an employee or student becomes ill on campus/district, he/she will immediately report to their building nurse's office or to the director of health services.

    Kim Schumacher, Fox C-6 Director of Nursing, will be the Fox C-6 primary point of contact for employees and student illness should be reported to the appropriate building nurse.