• Proposition I: Invest in our students, our schools, and our community.

Board Discussion and Vote on Prop I

  • Below, community members can watch the section of the May 16, 2023 Board of Education meeting where the Board discussed and voted to add Prop I to the August 8, 2023 ballot.

  • The Fox C-6 Board of Education voted unanimously at its May 16, 2023 meeting to place a tax levy increase on the August 8, 2023 ballot. Proposition I will allow Fox C-6 to remain competitive with neighboring districts in staffing and program offerings while being mindful of our community’s current investment in our schools.

Prop I Town Hall Meeting Video

  • Throughout the summer, Fox C-6 held a series of town hall meetings to inform voters of district finances and to answer questions regarding Prop I. Below is video from the two town hall meetings that were held at the Fox C-6 Service Center. 

Property Tax Calculator

  • Use the calculator below to determine an estimate of what Prop I would cost. Residents routinely overestimate the appraised value of their homes. Visit the Jefferson County Assessor’s website to view your home’s appraised value. Once you have found your home, select “2022” from the drop-down menu and scroll down to “Assessments”, to review the “Prior Year Appraised Total”. This is the number to enter into the calculator below. 

Printable Prop I Flyer

Prop I Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Proposition I?

  • Why is Prop I needed?

  • How much will Prop I cost me?

  • Is the proposed tax levy increase only for real estate taxes?

  • What happens if Prop I passes?

  • What happens if Prop I fails?

  • How does Fox C-6 get its funding?

  • Can Fox C-6 cut its budget to prevent the need for a tax increase?

  • Can Fox C-6 use its reserve funds to prevent the need for a tax increase?

  • Didn’t the community just approve a tax increase?

  • When was the last time Fox asked for an operating tax increase?

  • Why can’t you use the bond money approved in 2020 to address the current budget deficit?

  • How can Fox have such a budget deficit? District finances look good right now. 

  • Why can’t the district operate with the taxes we already pay? Why do you need additional funding?

  • How much does Fox spend per pupil each year? How does that compare to other schools in the region?

  • How will Prop I appear on the ballot?

  • How does Fox’s tax levy compare to other schools in the region?

  • When can I learn more about Prop I?