Framework for Student Success

  • The goal of the Fox C-6 School District Framework for Student Success is to support the development of a healthy and productive set of skills to help all students be successful in school, career, and life.  


    • A cohesive approach to supporting our students with lifelong skills to be successful in all walks of life.

    • Objectives and Grade Level Look-Fors were created by our own school community to meet the needs of the Fox C-6 students.

    • Easily integrated into the work already implemented in each building; no additional lessons or planning.

    • Aligns with State Expectations in MSIP6 and Board Policy JHD.

2023-2024 District Focus

  • The district will focus on one of the core competencies each month of the 2023-2024 school year, beginning in November.

    • November:  Relationships
    • January:  Responsible Decision Making
    • February:  Self-Awareness
    • March:  Self-Management
    • April:  Social Awareness 
  • Click/tap the images below to learn about the overarching goal for each competency of the Fox C-6 Framework for Student Success.