Congratulations, Michelle Stokes! 2021-2022 District Teacher of the Year

  • Michelle Stokes

About Teacher of the Year

  • The Fox C-6 School District is proud of the many outstanding certified teaching members who enhance and promote student learning. As a way to honor our excellent teachers, the District has developed a Teacher of the Year award. Qualifying teachers will have the opportunity to be nominated for their Building’s Teacher of the Year. If selected as the Building’s Teacher of the Year, they will be eligible to apply for the Fox C-6 School District’s Teacher of the Year. All Teacher of the Year awardees are dynamic teachers who are dedicated to improving the education and the lives of their students and their communities.

Teacher of the Year Nomination Process

  • Teachers, parents, community members, and students may nominate teachers for this award. Candidates should have the respect and admiration of students, parents, and colleagues. He or she should inspire students of all backgrounds and learning abilities. Candidates should be full-time certified teaching staff, have at least five years of experience, have current certification in his or her teaching area, plan to continue to be a teacher in the District during the upcoming school year, and not have won Building Teacher of the Year in the last 5 years.

    The deadline for submitting nominations is December 16, 2022 The Building Teacher of the Year will be selected by a committee, who will use a rubric to score candidates. In the event of a tie, the teacher with more seniority in the building will be declared the winner. If both teachers have the same years of service at the Fox C-6 School District, the number of nomination each teacher received will be used to determine the winner. If seniority and then number of nominations each teacher received are the same, the principal can make the determination of who to award building TOY.