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Student Musicians at Fox High School Receive High Honors at State Festival

Congratulations to the following Fox High School musicians on their recent success at the MSHSAA State Solo and Ensemble in Columbia, MO. Over 6,000 students throughout the state participated in this event. 

Vocal Solo - Alayna McKenzie

Alto Saxophone Solo - Audrey Marshall

Soprano Saxophone Solo - Audrey Marshall

Trombone Solo - Dezon Gagnon

SSA Vocal Trio - Alayna McKenzie, Sarah Monroe, Ella Myers

Trombone Quartet - Gage Calhoun, Dezon Gagnon, Edward McEnroe, Robert Vescovo

Trumpet Quartet - Aryanna Cullen, Macy Hruskocy, Travis Michler, Gunner Russell

Trumpet Solo - Gunner Russell

Tenor Saxophone Solo - Jackson Moore

Alto Saxophone Solo - Madeline Hart

Vocal Solo - Rachel Rushman

Tuba Solo - Xavier Smith 

Alto Saxophone Solo - Alyssa Twitchel

Tenor Saxophone Solo - Amanda Cook

Baritone Saxophone Solo - Craig Vilchis

Euphonium Solo - Edward McEnroe

Vocal Solo - Ella Myers

Saxophone Trio - Devin Harper, Noah Medeiros, Jackson Moore

Saxophone Quartet - Amanda Cook, Madeline Hart, Audrey Marshall, Craig Vilchis

Saxophone Quartet - Jillian Brooks, Amanda Cook, David Crandall, Matthew Lynch

Trombone Solo - Gage Calhoun

Alto Saxophone Solo - Holle Ritter

Vocal Solo - Morgan Heigel

Piano Solo - Nathan Crutchley

Trombone Solo - Robert Vescovo

Vocal Solo - Sarah Monroe 
Flute Quartet - Jillian Brooks, Erin Hayes, Matthew Lynch, Lily Rios Lobo