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Seckman High School Musicians Impress at MSHSAA State Festival

Congratulations to the following Seckman High School musicians on their recent success at the MSHSAA State Solo and Ensemble in Columbia, MO. Over 6,000 students throughout the state participated in this event. 

Kaylee Simino - Flute Solo
Liam West - Alto Sax Solo

Saxissimo Saxophone Quartet: Liam West, Nate Boulicault, Alex Simko, Cohen McNall

Madison Row - Flute Solo
Isaiah Lauer - Trumpet Solo
Austin Lipp - Trumpet Solo
Maria Hemme - Trumpet Solo

Flutopia Flute Quartet: Madison Row, Kaylee Simino, Summer Wynn, Dani Semjonovs

Five Winds Clarinet Quartet: Ava Huck, Abbi Hartigan, Sara Kitson, Brenna McLard, Clair Balding

Quintessence Brass Quintet: Maria Hemme(12), Austin Lipp, Isaiah Lauer, Evan Voss, Eric Forst