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Attend the New Family Engagement Speaker Series

Dear Parents,

I would like to remind all of you to take part in the new Family Engagement Speaker Series that we have started this year, in place of the one day Parent Summit that we hosted in the spring. 

The Family Engagement Speaker Series is made up of four different topics that we’ll highlight throughout the school year. All sessions will be held at the Fox Service Center at 7:00 PM. Registration is not required to attend these events. 

The first topic is centered around Framework for Student Success - with the event for Secondary families on Thursday, September 28th and for Elementary families on Thursday, October 5th. 

September/October: Framework for Student Success
Secondary: Thursday, September 28th 
Elementary: Thursday, October 5th 

November: FAFSA/College Admission/Academic Support
Elementary: Thursday, November 2nd
Secondary: Thursday, November 30th 

January: Positive Parenting
Elementary: Thursday, January 11th
Secondary: Tuesday, January 30th 

March: Digital Citizenship
Elementary: Wednesday, March 13th 
Secondary: Thursday, March 21st 

I encourage all parents to come out and take part in positive discussion around each topic. We look forward to seeing you there throughout the school year! 

Dr. Paul Fregeau
Fox C-6 Schools