Course Description Guide

  • The purpose of this guide is to inform you and your parents of some basic information about the courses offered at Antonia Middle School. The main purpose of middle school is to prepare students for a successful entrance into high school while addressing their physical, emotional, and intellectual needs as adolescents.

    You will note that academic classes are required. In following the middle school philosophy, students will have opportunities to participate in many exploratory classes as his/her schedule will allow. All students are required to take Language Arts. Social Studies, Science, Math, Reading (if not enrolled in Advanced Language Arts) and PE classes.  The exploratory classes include (and are subject to change): Career Exploration; Computers I,  II, & III, Art, Teen Leadership, and  Music Appreciation,  Some courses are taught at different levels of difficulty. This is to provide the students and opportunity to be successful in areas commensurate with their abilities.

    It is not too early to begin thinking about college and careers. College entrance requirements are becoming more restrictive each year and early planning is almost an absolute. Your counselor will help you through this process.

    Middle school is the perfect time to start exploring your interests and see how far you can push yourself academically.  Taking advanced classes in middle school allows you to learn new things and gain new experiences that will help you later in life. Think about the questions below to help you decide whether choosing an advanced course is the best option for you.

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