• Antonia Elementary became a part of the Fox C-6 School District through annexation in 1970.  The school currently serves an area bordered on the north, south, east and west respectively by the Clyde Hamrick and Seckman attendance areas, Hillsboro School District, Windsor School District and Northwest School District.

    Mission Statement

    To provide a foundation for students to become productive citizens in their community through education, empowerment, and character development.


    • Strive for academic excellence
    • Promote a family atmosphere at our school
    • Instill respect for our peers, school, and country

    Antonia Elementary History

    In the beginning, there were four one-room schoolhouses in the area.  The Leicht School about 1 ½ mile down West Moss Hollow RD, the Moss Hollow School about 1/1 mile down Lemay Ferry RD, Antonia School about 1 ½ mile down Old Lemay Ferry RD, and the Four Ridge School, then located where the Clyde Hammerick campus is now located.  All of these schools are still standing and are private residences.

    In the fall of 1951, the four schools became Reconsolidated District 4 (R-4), and school was held in the Antonia School building.  This building then consisted of what is now the Kindergarten area.  The school taught 1st thru 8th grade.  Then about 90% of the students went to 9th grade at Herculaneum, House Springs, Hillsboro, or Crystal City.  The school colors were dark green and white, and the mascot was a Hornet.  The first graduating class had 19 students.

    In 1970 an election was held to join Fox C-6 School District.  The graduation class of 1970 went to Fox High School. 

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