23/24 Yearbook Sales

The 24 Hako Yearbook Website is live!

Yearbooks cost $65 from now until October 31. It'll be very spooky if they don't buy one before then, because come November 1, the price will increase to $75. 
This year we are doing ADVERTISEMENTS. If someone wants to shout out their Senior, they can also purchase a senior ad that acts as a dedication to the respective student. They can be spotlighted with 1/4, 1/2, or full-page advertisement that showcases the life and accomplishments of the student. They will purchase these on the same website link. These are for seniors only. If a junior, sophomore, or freshman purchases one, they will be wasting their money. No ad will be created for them. 
Business advertisements will also be made available for local businesses. Say, someone owns a small business and wants to post an ad in the Yearbook, they will also have the option of a 1/4, 1/2, or full-page advertisement.