• 24-25 CKC full day programming schedule/information


    Full day dates:                                                          Full day themes:

    December 26, 2024                                                   Pajama Party!

    December 27, 2024                                                   Space Exploration!

    January 2, 2025                                                         Karaoke “Rockstar” Party!

    January 3, 2025                                                         Arctic Adventure!

    March 19, 2025                                                          All Around the World!             

    March 20, 2025                                                          Super Heroes!             

    March 21, 2025                                                          BarnYard Palooza!


    Full day costs:

    $38.00 per participant

    10% Second child discount


    Full Day Location: 

    Service Center, 849 Jeffco Blvd. Arnold, 63010


    Full Day Hours: 



    What your child should bring:

    Must bring morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and drinks


    What to expect:

    1. Parents will scan their child in/out at the desk in the main lobby. ID at pick up is required.

    2. Students will participate in a large variety of theme related activities from art projects, to relay races, to dancing, singing, indoor play, outdoor play (weather permitting) and movies. 

    3. All students will be placed in age appropriate groups and supervised by CKC staff members assigned to specific groups.

    4. CKC staff members work the full day programs. Please note students from all CKC locations can participate and may or may not be familiar with the CKC staff members supervising since they too come from various locations.

    5. In order to participate in the CKC full day programs, registration is required for each day you need. 

    6. Registration links for each full day program will have an open and close date. There will be a link for our winter dates (Dec & Jan) and a link for our March dates. You may choose only the days you need.

    7. Fees for the Full Day programs will be added to your child’s Infinite Campus Portal and must be paid in full prior to full day participation. All full day registration fees are non-refundable.

    8. Children may not be dropped off before 7:00 am and must be picked up by 5:30pm.


    See specific descriptions for each full day below:


    Pajama Party Day: Children and staff are encouraged to wear their favorite pajamas today! The children are asked to bring a plain pillow case today for creating their own personalized pillowcase with fabric markers and paint (provided). We will have a “drive-in” themed movie, complete with popcorn and juice, a coloring contest, and a giant board game contest where the childrens’ groups will compete in giant checkers, jenga, and more. In addition, the children will create their own dream catchers from a variety of art supplies so each catcher can be as original as each child!


    Space Exploration!: Today the children and staff will explore space in various ways! Each age group will create a solar system from foam balls, paints, and other arts and crafts. Once completed they will be displayed for all to see. The children will also get to paint rocks to create their personalized “space rocks”. In addition, the children will create spaceships as a craft with sticks, foil, paint, paper and beads. The campers will come up with all kinds of interesting space “crafts”.


     Karaoke “Rockstar” Party! Children and staff are encouraged to dress like Rockstars today!! The children will enjoy getting a Rockstar face painting session so they can really look the part! We will have a Team (age groups) Karaoke contest, dancing, air guitar contest, Hollywood musical chairs, and more! In addition to the high energy Rockstar activities, the children will do a coloring contest, make crafts, and more!

    Artic Adventure! Yes! It is January and the frigid cold won’t stop us! Today the children will paint the Northern Lights, make snowflakes, create Smores Cups and then eat the goodies, and create their own “On a Snowy Day I will…” books to take home and more! We will have lots of fun activities to keep the kids entertained on a cold January day!

    All Around the World: Join us as we explore various places around the world! Today the children will find a country on the map, and then create their selected country's flag with various arts and crafts supplies. We will also play “find the country” relay games with the older kids, while the younger children will play “find the state” relay games. We will learn about different cultures through their music and traditions, and have fun pretending to travel to various places! The children will get to create a book about their country they pretend to visit, and write about their travels, what they saw, what they liked the most, and what they learned!

     Super Heroes!   We encourage the staff and children to dress up their favorite SuperHero! Today the kids will play a variety of games and create SuperHero teams. Each group will create a “new'' SuperHero banner and participate in activities against the other SuperHero groups! In addition, the children will create a variety of SuperHero crafts, participate in a SuperHero coloring contest, and so much more!

     BarnYard Palooza! Today the children will play Animal Tag, create a variety of farm animal crafts, play animal sound musical chairs, learn how to square dance and participate in team farm games. Today is sure to be filled with down on the farm fun, and a Palooza like no other!