Recruitment Stipend

  • Fox C-6, like other school districts in our area and across the country, is struggling to fill several of our support staff positions. In order to give Fox C-6 an additional tool to help fill some of these open positions, in July of 2022, the Board of Education approved a recruitment stipend for non-exempt (classified) job openings. This recruitment stipend of up to $1,000, includes both the current employee who refers a new hire and the new hire who was referred by that individual. Below are the details that both staff members and potential employees need to know about this new initiative. 

Recruitment Stipend FAQs

  • What jobs can receive a recruitment stipend?

  • Are all existing staff members eligible to receive a recruitment stipend for referring an eligible new hire to the District?

  • How much is the recruitment stipend?

  • Can employees earn a recruitment stipend if the new hire starts after the first day of school?

  • Can employees earn multiple recruitment stipends if they refer more than one eligible new hire?

  • What does a potential new hire need to do to ensure that they and the current employee receive the retention stipend?

  • Can a new hire earn a recruitment stipend if they are not referred by a current Fox C-6 employee? 

  • I have more questions about the Recruitment Stipend program. Who should I contact?